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Machine Leaning

Digital Print, made with #Facet


This image was #madewithFacet — a content-aware image editor commissioning artists to explore the creative possibilities of their software. After my initial conversation with the team, I was interested in how digital intelligence both forms and deforms creative agency. How could Facet help me to blow up a lifetime of learned techniques, recomposing them in radically new ways?


In 'Machine Leaning' I took photographs of one of Facet's Software Engineers through zoom. I wanted to recreate my impression of somebody that I had only ever met inside a computer screen. Although the conversations I had while I was taking this picture felt real and inspirational, there was something about the encounter that was transient and unpredictable at the same time. Allowing me to edit content not pixels, Facet heightened my aesthetic awareness, changing my creative process in unthinkable ways.

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